great for kids - pets welcome - self check in - downtown - kitchen and laundry

Idaho Falls, ID

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This is a cute and cozy attic apartment that looks like a rustic treehouse with rough-cut wood trim. The deck outside completes the treehouse feel. It is on the upper floor and is surrounded by pine trees. Inside is a child-size "bird house" with toys to play in. Full kitchen stocked with everything you need. Washer and dryer. Three queen beds and a full/twin bunk bed. Smart TV with Netflix and Hulu. You have to go through the large bedroom to get to the small bedroom. We have had a lot of fun remodeling this apartment to look like a treehouse and are just finishing the decorations. THIS IS IMPORTANT: It is trimmed with rough-cut wood and some still has the bark on it. It is new and some of the wood still has bark beetles in it. These are harmless. They aren't poisonous, don't bite, and don't eat your food. They are NOT cockroaches. You won't know that one is there unless you hear it. They chew the underside of the bark, so when it's quiet, you can sometimes hear them in there. It's rhythmic like a cricket, but more scratchy and not as romantic. Soft background music will hide it. It's an authentic treehouse noise, but if you think it would bother you, then you should wait until next year to book when they're all gone. They don't cause any problems, but I don't want anyone to be surprised.


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Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Sleeps: 8
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