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Were history to intersect with the present, were the Gilded Age to go modern, were Asheville to center all its creative energies on one special address, it would be here. Right here. Arguably the most prestigious historic address in Asheville, The News Condo 202 at 120 College Street embodies the wonder, the heritage, and the legacy of a grand Southern city: a centenarian building, erected during the post-Industrial boom and once-headquarters to the Asheville-Gazette then the Asheville Times. ***Please note that The News Condo 202 is on the second floor. You must climb approximately 25 stairs to reach the condo.*** ☀☀☀ FAST, LOCAL SERVICE ☀☀☀ Customer service is the cornerstone of our business. We know it begins with your very first email and doesn’t stop until you’ve checked out, a smile on your face. So, here’s our promise: You’re our priority. We want you to have a fantastic time in Asheville and at 120 College Street. That’s why we’re 100% local – just minutes away, should the need arise! – and available 24/7 and always quick to respond to any request our tech guru who is on hand at a moment’s notice, in case any issues arise. We promise, we won’t leave you hanging. And that means, no vacation rental nightmares. If you’re locked out, we’re there! If the washing machine breaks down mid-wash, we’re there! Or, if you’re just desperate for a restaurant recommendation, we’re also there. Just a call away, whenever you need us. Each unit is professionally cleaned by the #1 voted cleaning company in Asheville: Rest assured 120 College Street was cleaned using only Earth-friendly green products and perfume-free detergents, by a staff that receives a living wage. Bottom line: We know that the details – the big AND small details – are what count. They can make or break your vacation. So, we’re committed. Committed to you and your Asheville experience. (Reviews don’t lie!) We look forward to welcoming you to Asheville! ☀☀☀ Welcome ☀☀☀ Welcome to Asheville Times Building @ 120 College Street, the historic and cultural center of downtown Asheville and former home to the city’s first newspaper. Welcome to a historic building that still unfolds over original hardwood floors, five-panel doors, antique doorknobs, banisters, and railings. Welcome to a home-away-from home located above the Black Mountain College Museum and with its own private terrace. A downtown condo, footsteps to fine restaurants and trendy nightlife, art galleries and antique shops. Yes, it’s safe to say – this is it. You’ve found it. Over 800 square-feet of historic space, The News Condo 202 offers a blend of antique and contemporary furnishings, neutral tones and bright pops of green and yellow, solid woods and airy windows, architectural touches and high design. This is everything you never knew you needed in your downtown Asheville experience. And indeed, downtown Asheville is here, RIGHT here. Walk out your door and you’re on College Street, the historic center of Asheville and jumping-off point for art walks and ghost tours, microbrew flights and year-round festivals, fine dining and museum-hopping. You’re in the middle of it all and exactly where you want to be. ☀☀☀ LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! ☀☀☀ Walk into the shadow of history (and of the iconic Jackson Building), and you immediately feel the pull: 120 College Street is a place where old meets new, where history blends seamlessly with today – where a contemporary patina adds depth to the monuments, parks, and stories that have resided here for more than a century. Indeed, this is a kind of wanderlust (and wonder-lust) completely and uniquely ours. Welcome to Asheville! Here, in remarkable downtown, College Street is one of the most historic-yet-hip addresses in the city – a promenade that straddles the ephemeral boundaries between old-world charm and modern style. And 120 College Street is at the center of it all: above the Black Mountain College Museum and overlooking the Jackson Building, across from Roger McGuire Green in front of City Hall and the County Building, and Pack Square Park with a large open green space on a slope leading to the main stage, three water features including a splash fountain and original art by regional artists. There are many seating areas surrounded by native trees and shrubs. This beautiful 6.5-acre public space is an extra amenity for visitors to relax and linger. This is Asheville history, respectfully updated for the 21st century. So, while Real Life may be about compromise – sacrifice This to get That – we believe that vacation should be a special time. This is when you get both This and That, no compromise required. The Asheville Times Building @ 120 College Street is your no-compromise-required destination: at the intersection of past and present, in the shadow of the Jackson Building and Pack Square Park, and enveloped by the energy and charm of downtown life. The News Condo 202 embodies and embraces the Asheville scene – a scene that draws designers and artists, creatives and music lovers, foodies and artisanal beverage aficionados alike. Here’s what awaits: Dining: Asheville is a food-and-drink dream – there’s a reason named us a Top 10 Foodie City! – and from 120 College Street, you’re just minutes to much of your must-eat list, including French Broad Chocolate Lounge, Curate, Sovereign Remedies, Twisted Laurel, Over Easy Cafe, City Bakery, Bouchon, Mela, and Rhubarb. Culture: There’s nothing quite like Asheville culture to put some pep in your step and some erudition in your life. Be sure to schedule stops at the Black Mountain College Museum (your downstairs neighbor!) and the Asheville Art Museum. Finally, don’t forget to checkout a show at The Orange Peel or The Grey Eagle! History: From 120 College Street, you’re just minutes to many of Asheville’s historic landmarks, including the Vance Memorial, Monument Corner, the Thomas Wolfe Memorial, and Asheville’s historic Flatiron Building, not to mention numerous statues, plaques, and monuments that commemorate the city’s past. Urban Trail Art & History Tour: Art and history lovers, walk into history on Asheville’s Urban Trail, a 1.7-mile walking tour home to 30+ stops at creative landmarks, public sculptures, dioramas, and more. It begins at Pack Place, almost at your front door! The renowned Blue Spiral 1 Gallery and Momentum Gallery are a couple of blocks away and the Black Mountain College Museum is right downstairs. Festivals: From Downtown After Five (once a month, in summer) and the Lexington Avenue Arts Fest, to Drum Circle and Art in the Park, downtown Asheville and the River Arts District are ripe with arts, culture, and creative pursuits. ☀☀☀ Antique-Chic DESIGN ☀☀☀ The News Condo 202 at 120 College Street is a special place. It’s probably not like anything you have at home, but it is exactly the historic-yet-contemporary feel you seek in Asheville. It is historic. It is updated. It is period-perfect. It is home. Or, a home-away-from-home, at least. Each of three properties, The Gazette Condo 200, The Daily Condo 201 and The News Condo 202 in the Asheville Times Building at 120 College Street rises to 10-foot ceilings and blends select antiques with new pieces, modern furnishings with neutral tones, sleek lines with strategic pops of ebullient color. Architectural walls dull sound, the kitchen is fully stocked, the West Elm dining table seats 4, the closets are custom, and the bathrooms are completely renovated. You’ll sleep like a baby, thanks to custom drapes and blackout shades. This is where modern meets old world, and it couldn’t be any more Asheville. It’s the perfect complement to your historic downtown experience, complete with a 110 square-foot outdoor terrace and bistro table seating for two. ---------------------------------- ☀☀☀ A Piece of History ☀☀☀ There’s nothing quite so Ashville as staying in a living piece of history. Specifically, a living piece of history where local news writers and makers once plied their craft. We’ll tell you a little story. The 1880-1930 era was a pivotal time in Asheville’s history: This was the Gilded Age, a post-industrial and pre-Depression age that welcomed the railroad, grandiose living, urban development, and the creative minds of O. Henry, Thomas Wolfe, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and others. Asheville rode so high it almost side-stepped the Great Depression. Asheville Times Building @ 120 College Street was originally built in 1914 for the Asheville Gazette-News; (later, the Asheville Times), occupied 120 College Street until the 1930’s. Fun fact: In 1929, Thomas Wolfe would forever immortalize this time in his highly autobiographical first novel “Look Homeward, Angel,” a coming-of-age story that mirrored his life in Asheville and experiences at his mother’s famous boardinghouse, Dixieland, "the most famous boardinghouse in American fiction.” Just down the street two blocks north on Market Street is the restored Thomas Wolfe Memorial State Historic Site and welcomes visitors Tuesday-Saturday. ----------------------------------


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