Triple Tent w/ Shared Bathroom - Find us among the juniper trees and open sky.

Williams, Arizona

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Wander Camp Grand Canyon is a rustic glamping accommodation located in Dark Sky Country and approximately 25-30 minutes (by car) to the South Entrance of Grand Canyon National Park. We offer an immersive outdoors experience while including a few more amenities than traditional camping while still operating off-grid. If you're looking for a place to stay that provides the sights and sounds of nature, with a few comforts from home, book now! Wander Camp Grand Canyon's Triple tent includes 3 Twin beds within walking proximity to shared bathrooms. OUR TENTS Each of our large, waterproof canvas bell tents - 216 sq. feet, 16 feet in diameter and height - include low profile windows and a large netted door with double zippers for privacy. Inside you'll see they come furnished with not only the necessary camping furniture, but luxury beds with high thread count sheets, plush down comforters, pillows and blankets. A soft rug, side tables and leather wingback chairs give it that touch of home. We do operate completely off-grid which means no electricity is provided at camp. We provide solar lanterns in each tent for lighting, as well as solar lighted pathways throughout camp; however, you'll definitely want to make sure you take time to enjoy the darkness for star gazing outside of our tent. OUR BATHROOMS Our camp has COMMUNAL bathroom facilities which are shared with all guests across camp. The bathrooms are under a separate canvas bell tent (not attached to individual guest tents) and are within walking proximity on the grounds. Bathrooms include a RV flush toilet, running sink, and warm shower. Water temperature all depends on usage, as well as outdoor temperatures and may at times be cold. *Bathroom water is not consumable, but can be used for brushing teeth.Only toilet paper, hand soap and paper towels are provided in the bathrooms. Towels and any other toiletry items desired are to be provided by the guest. WEATHER CONDITIONS Wander Camp accommodations are available RAIN OR SHINE! We advise all guests to plan ahead and pack accordingly as this is an immersive outdoor accommodation and experience. OFF-GRID ACCOMMODATIONS < off-grid - (adjective) not using or depending on public utilities, especially the supply of electricity > We chose to operate off-grid in order to uphold the rural nature of our location with the purpose of bringing our guests uninterrupted views of the most beautiful sunrises, sunsets and stars. The following items are provided in order to keep our guests both comfortable and safe. - Eco-friendly, solar powered lighting throughout camp. - Complimentary solar powered lantern(s) and USB charged fan(s) inside of tents. - Guests are encouraged to provide their own USB battery operated charger for cell phones and additional charging of lanterns, as needed.


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