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OUR HOME: We will meet you between 4 - 8 PM on the day of our your arrival to welcome you to our house. We will show you around the house and the neighborhood, and then leave you to enjoy your stay! When you first enter, you will first notice the open floor plan, lovely stained hardwood floors, the wonderful Sierra Bordeaux granite counter tops and the matching Sierra Bordeaux ceiling-high fireplace with a new gas fireplace insert. Each wall has original art, comfortable and classic furniture, and specialty lighting that includes the overhead programmable lighting cans, beautiful silver sconces and modern lamps. And you will see the kitchen is filled with beautiful glass-fronted cabinets filled with both everyday dishes and gold-rimmed china with service for six and more. And the cabinets continue into the dining to provide a matching pantry of sliding drawers and storage. In the Dining Room you will see the bottle of Oregon wine and wineglasses we left for you on the charcoal glass dining table, seated with four leather chairs with two identical-sized chairs nearby if you wish to seat six. The new patio door has a security light on the top switch so it would be good to leave that turned on. If you are coming inside from the patio to a dark house, just reach in and press the bottom light switch and you will have the light you need to safely enter. The patio door locks, so just push it firmly closed and lower the lock lever. The Living Room has as comfortable bright red love seat that opens into a single bed, two upholstered chairs that recline, and a beautiful clear glass coffee table. There you will find our snack basket complete with drinks and snacks to smooth over any late night arrival or early morning hungries. There you will also find a copy of the House Manual and bus maps, along with a second binder with menus from our favorite restaurants in the neighborhood and beyond. The Living Room also has a gas fireplace. Free to use it but there is also a central air conditioning and heating system. The fireplace remote turns it on. Next to the fireplace is the dimmable light switch for the fireplace accent lights. Be sure to use the fireplace surround if small children are present because the fireplace can get very hot. You will find it just outside the kitchen door next to the sink. Our gourmet Kitchen was designed to meet every cooking need. We installed new matching Kitchenaid appliances including a french door counter-depth refrigerator in Stainless Steel; a 24'' 6-Cycle/6-Option Dishwasher [Architect® Series II]; a 30-Inch 5-Burner Dual Fuel Convection Range with electric oven and baking drawer, and 5-burner gas cooktop. There is also a very handy Sharp 24 Inch Wide 1.2 Cu. Ft. Microwave Drawer with Push Button Opening, a mixer cabinet with Kitchenaid mixer and mixer lift, and an ultra-quiet AKDY Euro Stainless Steel 36” Range Hood that we always use so cooking smells (no matter how wonderful!) stay in the kitchen! Feel free to use the pull-out spice rack, anything in the refrigerator or the pantry. You will find new pots & pans, mixing bowls, baking dishes and plenty of silverware and serving utensils. On the counter and in the knife drawer, you will find knives, spatulas and wisks. At the far right of the sink is the tray cabinet where you will find a sliding drawer for cookie sheets and pizza pans. The beautiful lighted cabinets hold a fine set of Noritake China and a set of white Parhoma White Melamine Home Dinnerware Set, 12-Piece Service for 8, for everyday use. An iron is located in the top cabinet above the refrigerator and the ironing board is in the garage. The pull-out garbage and recycle cans are in the cabinets below the china cabinets and the garbage bags are in the left of the pantry. The manuals for all the appliances are on the kitchen counter. FOR SAFETY: please notice that there is a fire extinguisher and First Aid kit under the sink. The Master Bathroom was designed with as much comfort and style as we could fit into it! There is a 60-inch freestanding soaking bathtub in white with polished chrome drain and overflow Trim. And the drain is in the middle of the tub – no one must sit on the drain! The bathtub is filled from a champagne bronze floor-mounted tub filler. Or if a shower is your preference, help yourselves to our shampoo and shower gels. The beautiful tiles in the niches in the shower and near the tub were hand -painted with Oriental Poppies by Karina Soboleva of Soboleva Art in Krasnodar, Russia. They are a perfect accompaniment to Claude Monet’s “Poppies,” an art-quality canvas lithographic print hanging above the tub. The granite-topped Vanity features two under counter sinks, plenty of room for two friendly adults or children. With champagne bronze fixtures matching the tub filler, the space invites you to begin your day in comfort and style. The Study is designed as a multi-functional space that can be used as an office, as an extension of the living room for entertaining, a tv room, and as a very comfortable bedroom. The Sans Soucie glass doors close as does the sliding door that leads to the bathroom. The leather couch opens into a full-sized bed with a very comfortable foam mattress. The sheets, feather comforter and duvet cover and the pillows for the bed are housed in the silver grey buffet centered under the television. What teenager doesn’t like a bedroom all to his- or herself with a tv remote and Wi-Fi? Speaking of Wi-Fi, we have very strong Wi-Fi at our house. There are two networks, one called “Corvallis – 2.4” and another called “Corvallis – 5. The latter is the much faster network but older devices may not pick it up. However, the “2.4” network is also fast enough for most Wi-Fi needs. The Download Speed: 150Mbps and Upload Speed: 5Mbps. There is a Brother black & white laser printer on the business desk and filing cabinet. There is also a new Dell monitor with wireless keyboard and mouse that you are welcome to use. We use Lenovo laptops so there is a Lenovo base available as well. Printer paper is stocked in the drawers and you are welcome to use whatever you find in the desk. We have Xfinity cable and the Xfinity remote will connect you with many channels of both programs and music. Select the Xfinity button on the remote and it will let you browse amongst the categories of recorded or scheduled shows. Maybe most importantly, if you browse over to the “Apps” sign, you can click on it and access other things like Netflix and Sports games, -- and your horoscope for those so inclined! The Study also has a lighted ceiling fan for air distribution and the new windows open for more fresh Oregon air if you so desire. The fan remote is on the end table with the lamp and Xfinity remote. Each bedroom has dimmable overhead lights and a silver sconce (or two as in the Study). The Master Bedroom has a new king-sized bed with feather comforter and duvet cover, two pillows and two pillow shams. There is a heated mattress control by the left end table. There is an end table on each side with a lamp. A handy feature are the plug-ins behind each night stand – they are combo plugs with room for two electrical plug-ins and two USB plug-ins so you can read on your Kindle before you go to bed and charge it while you sleep! The Master Bedroom has a large divided closet with drawers below. Feel free to use them. There are also empty drawers in the chest of drawers. This room also has a lighted ceiling fan for those who like air circulation while they sleep although the central air conditioning and heating system will keep you comfortable without it. And the new windows all open. Each bedroom has dimmable overhead lights The Second Bedroom has a Murphy bed which allows the room to be used as a bedroom or as a work space. The Murphy bed is a beautiful piece of furniture which, when opened, provides a queen-size bed on a 10” foam mattress. It is very comfortable and comes with a feather comforter and duvet cover, two pillows and, of course, fresh sheets. If you let us know in advance, the bed will be made up and waiting for you when you arrive. Unless you need the room for other activities, such as a second office, the bed can be left open during your visit. The Second Bedroom has a closet and a brand-new large chest of drawers. We also supply a luggage rack for suitcases. Overhead, there is a lighted ceiling fan with remote. Two set of towels are set out for each guest. Be sure to put some of them on the heated towel rack in the bathroom before you take a shower or soak in the tub! The windows are brand new and are easily opened for those who enjoy our beautiful Oregon fresh air. Each bedroom has dimmable overhead lights. OUTSIDE there is a small patio surrounded by lawn, rhododendrons and roses. The glass patio table with umbrella and chairs are stored in the garage during inclement weather. You will also find a portable grill along with extra gas canisters and a chaise lounge. ENTRY: Use either garage keypad: _ _ _ _ ENTER (most recent code supplied before arrival). Once inside, close the garage door by pushing the door button near the kitchen door. CHECKOUT: If we are unable to be there when you leave, please make sure: a. Please place all dirty towels and bathrobes on the floor in the room you used or in the laundry hamper in the Master Bedroom closet. Don’t worry about the sheets and comforters. b. Please put any dirty dishes in the dishwasher, add soap, and turn it on before you leave. c. Please make sure all the doors are locked, including the patio door, before you leave through the garage. d. Thank you for coming and safe travels! Don & June Jones


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