Santa Fe, New Mexico Vacation Rentals

    Why People Visit:

    Santa Fe is the perfect place to enjoy a combination of Native American, Anglo, and Hispanic culture all in one city. This city is compromised of fascinating architecture, a variety of food, and cultural art. Coming here is quite an adventure for the whole family to enjoy. Visit downtown to view the pueblo architecture that was once used by the Spanish and used to describe the villages of their settlements in the New World. These buildings are built using adobe, a clay used as mud-bricks to build houses back in the early settlement era.

    Another popular opinion about Santa Fe is the fine cuisine located across town. There are hundreds of restaurants with all types of food all around town suited to your needs. Popular opinion would be to try the local food of New Mexico or southwestern food.

    Lastly, Santa Fe is home to a very trendy art scene of a variety of cultures. Come visit to see the 3rd largest State Museum system in the country featuring culture, history, and traditions of this region and the world. There is also the legendary Santa Fe Opera to watch some world-class performances.

    Getting There and Getting Around:

    Santa Fe has a regional airport located in the southwest corner of the city. This airport is open to private planes and a few commercial airlines. To get to the city, the airport offers a variety of services such as taxis, rideshares, shuttles, and car rentals. Once in town, Sante Fe has a free shuttle service that goes around town, a bus service also located in the city and rideshares can be called in at any time of day or night.

    What to Wear (The Weather):

    Santa Fe is located at 7,000 ft so the weather can be a little more on the colder side. In the wintertime, the weather can get as low as 10°F and in the summertime, it can get as high as 85°F. So bringing long sleeve shirts is recommended, and in the winter you should pack a little heavier jackets.


    A majority of the accommodations in the Santa Fe area are house rentals and they have a lot to offer. The average house rental price is $350 per night and the average size is 2,000 square feet. If you are thinking about finding an apartment instead, there are plenty of those as well! The average price for an apartment rental is $200 per night and the average size is 1,000 square feet.

    Things to Do: