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Class B Sleeps 4 Length 19.5'
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Make: Sportsmobile
Model: Other
Type: Class B
Sleeps: 4
Lenght: 19.5 Feet
This Regular Body length Sprinter 2500 was conceived by a brilliant couple with European roots. They'd owned several camper / adventure vans. This vehicle was their third commission designed with Sportsmobile. And it's the most customized. The couple traveled all over the CA coast to surf with their child and camp in the best CA and the west offer. Thus, they designed this rig with utility, efficiency and adaptability in mind. In 2014, my wife and I acquired this vehicle to launch a period of traveling work blended with a sense of adventure, particularly on the weekends. For us, the objective, well....the 50 objectives, were a perfect scattered set of beacons to effectively circulate us around the US. The highest natural point in each of the 50 United States. We sprang into full-time VanLife from a dead start in Feb 2014, just in time for my 33rd birthday. And here's what I love about SPARQLE's custom design. First, they selected RB length (19.5 ft, 6.5m) after experiencing extended length with two previous vehicles. They found that once you know what you need, you can easily travel for a week unassisted, and in great comfort without a few extra feet of vehicle....which ultimately made the vehicle far less park-able and 3-point-turnable. They traded capacity for maneuverability and mpg savings. They painted her white to stay cool by the beach. They installed a hosed, spray faucet at the swing-open back gate. They left the rear 2-3 feet of the vehicle wide open from floor to ceiling...thus making the vehicle ready for anything. A stack of luggage and duffels, a deflated raft, two surf boards, golf climbs, climbing duffels, coolers stacked and loaded with brew, you name it. The floor is industrial for grip and liquids. It's unscratchable and just needs a toweling if anything spills. Now, this vehicle really embraces the basics of utility with only select indulgences. The creators of SPARQLE realized with their previous rigs, that they used the built-in bathroom and stove very infrequently. So, that opted for a portable propane stove that fits beneath the sink and removable bucket-style toilet. Too rash you say? Well, they saved a black water system. One less to maintain. They also never needed to find a dumping station, and rarely use the on-board pot. They're campers so 1 of 2 things is almost always true: You're either close enough to civilization that a public restroom is nearby, or you're far enough out that digging a hole is what the earth is asking for:). The rig has solar and a huge aluminum roof rack. The solar keeps food cold in the fridge, the lights on at minimum and enables you to sustain a traveling office for two when weather is decent and parking decisions are thoughtful. The cabinetry is no-frills but all drawers and doors are fashioned with marine-locking handles and felted shelves for non-slip, low road-noise. Both front seats rotate (it does take a little practice) for social times in SPARQLE. The driver's seat combines with the fold-out couch to give toe-stretching territory for when you utilize the main cabin bed (roughly twin size). It works well with sleeping bags and there are two on board for you... there's also sheets, blankets, pillows and cushions. The penthouse roof is by far my favorite feature. Yes, of course it's a magical sleeping loft when it rises just as the scents of dusk waft in and you listen to pond frogs rhythm you to sleep, but even more crucial is just popping the top to make headroom for cooking dinner at the countertop, organizing bags, making bed, getting coffee whipped up, self-grooming at the sink, and so on. When the top's up and a few windows / doors are open, light and fresh air rush in. Making lunch, listening to music parkside, then stepping out under the roll-out RV canopy? It's heavenly.

Air Conditioner
Dining Table
Kitchen Sink
Inside Shower
Outside Shower
Ceiling Fan
Tow Hitch
Bike Rack
Backup Camera
Extra Storage
Leveling Jacks
CD Player
Audio Inputs
Handicap Accessible
Pet Friendly
Festival Friendly
Smoking Allowed

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