Brighten Your Stay: Easily Personalize Your Vacation Rental

March 27, 2019
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Private accommodation rentals are set to reach $14.5 billion in 2019. Such a booming industry is likely due to the fact that renting a home comes with comforts not available in a hotel. Families can stay in private accommodations and enjoy the amenities they enjoy in their own homes.

Though most private accommodations are kept and decorated like a home, and not in the sterile fashion of a hotel, the space will not be personal to you and your family as is your home. There is no reason, though, that for an extended stay you cannot add some personal touches to make it feel more like home while you’re away. Just keep in mind that everything must be temporary and you should return the space exactly as you found it, but otherwise, you are limited only by your creativity.

Bring Your Own Decor

Many people collect souvenirs on their travels, and often those souvenirs are used as decor in their homes. If you purchase a decor souvenir, you don’t have to pack it away until you get home. If you find a beautiful painting or objet d’art, display it in your rental until you get it to its permanent spot in your home.

If you’re not the type to purchase home decor while on vacation, if there’s something particularly special you can bring from home to personalize your rental, bring it with you to display. Especially if you are away from home over a holiday, you might bring a piece of sentimental holiday decor. Having something from home that makes your rental space feel like yours that reminds you of the holidays can make a huge difference in missing home or not.

Elevate the Mood

Whether you’re traveling for Christmas or another holiday, a strand of string lights will add whimsy and give your rental a festive feel. You can attach them with removable plastic hooks that won’t leave a trace. If your Christmas rental has a Christmas tree, you can bring some of your own ornaments to add; just make sure you remember to pack them up when you leave.

If you happen to be traveling for a birthday, balloons are the perfect festive touch. If you don’t want to spend your precious vacation time getting balloons from a party store, many florists will delivery them right to your door. And speaking of flowers, if there’s a local farmer’s market where you’re staying, check out the selection of flowers. A bouquet of flowers will do wonders to make your rental feel welcoming and special!

Staying in a home while on vacation can provide comforts and conveniences you won’t be afforded at a hotel, but that doesn’t mean it will feel like home. You can add whimsy, personalize the space, or add something that will make everyone happier during your stay. With minimal effort, you can make your rental space feel personal, whether you are traveling during a holiday, birthday, or other special occasion.

Photo by Tuce on Unsplash