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How to Safely Get Vitamin D From the Sun

It’s true that these days, many of us spend way too much time inside. As a result, we most likely aren’t getting enough vitamin D, which supports bone and teeth health and immune system efficiency, among several other bodily functions.

By Cora Gold
April 29, 2021

Furniture Trends Dominating Rentals and Hospitality

While many brands turn to costly upgrades or expansions, others seek to set themselves apart through design. With various furniture pieces, you can make your property unique — a place where guests come back again and again.

By Cora
April 27, 2021

Vacation Rental Upgrades That Convince Travelers to Book

Rental properties must remain competitive to stay successful. Increase revenue by choosing vacation rental upgrades that convince travelers to book.

By Cora Gold
April 13, 2021

Vacationing Post-COVID: Keeping Your Properties and Tenants Healthy

Health experts may lift travel restrictions, but future guests may still worry about protecting their health while they’re away from home. Keep your properties and tenants healthy while they vacation in a post-COVID world by using these tips.

By Cora Gold
April 08, 2021

A Different Kind of Vacation Rental for Summer

We’re all pretty familiar with renting a house for a vacation, but what about an RV or Travel Trailer?

March 22, 2021

6 Important Ways to Keep Your Tenants Happy

A rental agreement will never be forever, but, as a landlord, you hope it lasts as long as possible. Indeed, a more permanent tenant works out better for your bottom line.

By Kacey Bradley
January 22, 2020

Tips for Protecting Your Vacation Rentals Furniture From Fading

Investing in a vacation rental is no small expense, and you want to make sure you get your money's worth from the property. There's one big factor working against you, the sun can brighten the space until the furniture starts to fade. 

By Kacey Bradley
January 14, 2020

6 Ways to Make a Vacation Home Energy-Efficient

Your vacation home is an escape from reality, but it can also cause unwanted stress. Namely, you might worry about the extra utility bills and waste your second property creates, whether you're

By Kacey Bradley
January 08, 2020

Northeast Vacations: The 9 Cutest Towns for Your Trip

Tiny cottages with smoke puffing from their chimneys. Glassy water crashing into rocky coastlines. Fishermen pulling up cages full of fresh lobster. We all have an image of what New England looks like, and most of our daydreams...

By Kacey Bradley
December 18, 2019

5 Cost-Effective Tips for Decorating Your Vacation Rental

You've found the perfect property in your dream location. Now what? Decorating any property can be tough, but a vacation home can be even more challenging.

By Kacey Bradley
November 28, 2019