The Highpointers - aka The Bargo Brothers

By Branndon Bargo
November 06, 2019
Highpointers Advices

Welcome to the first installment of The Highpointers' Blog. We will try to keep things brief, mainly because we have ADHD and if we sit in front of a computer too long we will go crazy! We have been climbing mountains and highpointing (climbing the highest natural point in whatever country or state we are in) for over two decades. Together we have climbed and adventured in 50 states and 50 countries (in order to stay balanced we refuse to visit any more countries).

Mt McKinley (Denali)

We have had many big adventures, but the one that started it all was our Summit to Sea expedition.  We wanted to create a documentary of a never before done adventure, so we decided to climb Mount McKinley, the highest point in North America, bike 4,000 miles self-supported to Baja Mexico and scuba dive with great white sharks – (You can watch our first documentary on our website). Our initial expedition allowed us to turn our passion into a job by leading others on trips, documenting our expeditions, and most recently creating an adventure tv show airing on PBS – We figured since we had already climbed the hardest highpoint in North America we might as well climb the highest point in the other 49 states and film it.

I’m sure you are asking, well you already have a super sweet tv show, why would you want to do a blog, well great question. Our friends have begged us for years to write down and share with them the places we visit, the gear we use, the lessons we learn, and the people we meet. We thought it would be rude to just share it with a few, so we decided to share with everyone! Stay tuned for more from us here.

Our most recent Bargo Brother adventure is a non-stop 3 -day extravaganza covering the vastness of Virginia – from beaches, history, and southern cooking, to a beautiful hike to the top of Mt. Rogers with a Navy Seal.  If you are interested in following in our footsteps here is exactly where we went, where we stayed, what lessons we learned, and where we went to the bathroom…maybe we will leave out the last step. Click here for the Virginia blog.

We want to thank our sponsors who make this possible. Acroball Pilot Pen for giving us a way to write down our thoughts in any and every condition known to man and to FRBO for providing us a place to stay along the way.