Top Kid-Tested Beach Essentials for Your Next Trip

June 05, 2019
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Heading to the beach with little ones? Don’t panic! While the beach is the ultimate place for fun and sun, packing for a beach trip can be a tall order for those responsible for little beach-goers. To help avoid most major meltdowns (but let’s face it, you can’t avoid them all), we’ve compiled a list of the essentials you’ll need to ensure a memorable day at the beach.

Beach Toys

A no brainer, right? There’s nothing like those fun family memories of being at the beach building sand castles or using a shovel and bucket to bury dad’s legs and arms in the sand! Check out Amazon and Target for plenty of great, affordable options!

Let’s Go Fly a Kite

With the ocean breeze, flying a kite is a must and a fun way to get the kids running up and down the beach (to eventually tire them out)!

Catch/Toss Games

Frisbees are always fun. If frisbees are not your thing, another great activity to practice that hand-eye coordination is a paddle catch and toss game. There are several different versions on Amazon. These have always been a hit at the beach in my family!

Beach Blanket

Beach blankets allow you to stake your claim at the beach and helps your kiddos recognize where you are if they are running up and down the shore. One easy idea is to use a colorful or patterned bedsheet to spread out on the sand (takes up less space in your bag) or try a sand-free mat! Sand-free mats are made of superfine mesh that allows sand to filter right through –no more lugging sand back in the house!

Mesh Laundry Bag or Beach Bag

Easily transport all of your beach items (toys, goggles, sunscreen, shades, etc.) without the hassle of cleaning up sand from the bottom of your bag when you get back home!

Plastic Storage or Stasher Bags

You’ll certainly want to keep several of these handy. Keep your valuables, including cell phone, earbuds, wallet, and snacks, dry and sand-free! Plastic zippered storage bags work just fine but Stasher bags are unique in that they are reusable silicone bags that you can just rinse out and use again and again! 


Most kids are fascinated with going underwater and opening their eyes – so don’t forget the goggles! Looking for fish or other marine life is always a big hit! For older kids, a snorkel and mask (and don’t forget the fins), provides an extra level of excitement!


This is obvious but something that you certainly want to remember to throw in your beach bag! Remember to reapply every 1.5 to 2 hours!


Don’t forget the eye protection! Even little ones need sunglasses to help protect them from the sun’s harmful rays.

Cooler Stashed with Goodies

Kids are going to get hangry with all of the fun-filled outdoor activities! To avoid the meltdown, be sure to pack a large cooler full of cold drinks (don’t forget the water!) and snacks to keep everyone happy! A helpful hint – pack extra food because some will inevitably be dropped in the sand or get soggy from wet little hands. 

Towel Off

Don’t forget the beach towels. If you’re looking to save space, Turkish towels are amazingly lightweight and easy to transport while still being absorbent!

Talc-free Baby Powder or Cornstarch

A game changer – perfect for removing sand from hair, legs, feet, and hands (before grabbing that sandwich out of the cooler)!

Small Bills/Cash

From the ice cream truck, to a few dollars needed for the beach parking lot (or coins for meters), it is always good to be prepared with a little cash in your pocket.

Sun Protection – Tent or Umbrella

If you have the space/option, a beach umbrella or beach tent is a great addition to keep the family protected from the sun! Beach tents can be a bit more compact to carry than u mbrellas and help protect from the sun, wind and sand. Plus, they are a great place for kids to take a nap!

Anything not listed that is a must on your beach list? Let us know! Wishing you and your family a fantastic day at the beach!