Aspen, Colorado Vacation Rentals

    Why People Visit:

    Aspen is home to 4 of the most popular ski resorts in the United States: Buttermilk, Aspen Mountain/Ajax, Snowmass mountain, and Aspen Highlands. The popular opinion about Aspen is the diversity among the mountains in the area. Each mountain has its own level of difficulty making Aspen in general tailored to suit any skier/snowboarder's need. The diversity is generally as follows:

    Buttermilk: Typically known as the easiest mountain of the four, located about 10 minutes outside of Aspen, this mountain is mostly for beginners or terrain park skiers and snowboarders. The variety of runs on the mountain is approximately 35% easiest, 39% more difficult, 21% most difficult, and 5% expert. Buttermilk is also home to the Winter X games with its legendary 22-foot Superpipe. This feature is highly recommended for skiers and snowboarders that are new to skiing or to those seeking a great terrain park experience.

    Aspen Mountain/Ajax Mountain: This two-named mountain is similar in difficulty to Snowmass mountain, more for intermediate skiers and snowboards looking for a fun but somewhat challenging time on the mountain. The base of Ajax is on the edge of downtown Aspen making it the most accessible from the town. The runs on this mountain range from approximately 0% easiest, 48% more difficult, 26% most difficult, and 26% expert. With its major perk of being located right off of downtown, you will have easy access to the town amenities. In the summer, Ajax mountain has a disc golf course, nature trails for walking on the mountain, and a gondola you can ride up to view the beautiful Rocky Mountains from the top of the mountain. Ajax also hosted the World Cup Finals making this mountain entertaining with a little bit of difficulty mixed in.

    Snowmass Mountain: Located approximately 15-20 minutes outside of Aspen, Snowmass is the largest mountain of the four and is about equally as difficult as Ajax mountain. This mountain includes runs varying from 5% easiest, 48% more difficult, 17% most difficult, and 30% expert. Snowmass is described as the mountain that has it all, from simple runs for beginners to steep cliff runs for the experts as well as one large terrain park with a Superpipe and a smaller park for beginners. Also in the summer, Snowmass allows people to bike down parts of the mountain, go ride the roller-coaster at the top of Elk Camp Gondola or explore the Lost Forrest Adventure course through the trees. This mountain provides fun for the whole family year-round!

    Aspen Highlands: Saving the most difficult for last, Aspen Highlands is home to the Highland Bowl, located on the backside of the mountain with fresh powder ready to ski on. This is the least crowded mountain of the 4, so if you are seeking to escape the population and join the expert skiers, look no further than Aspen Highland. Located about 10 minutes outside of Aspen, this mountain is for the true skiers seeking the adrenaline rush of fresh powder and the backcountry skiing experience. The run difficulty ranges from 0% easiest, 23% more difficult, 12% most difficult, and 65% expert. This mountain is no walk in the park, but it will be the most incredible skiing experience of your life.

    With such a wide variety of options, there is no way you could not find a mountain to explore with you and your friends and family, so rent a vacation rental in Aspen today for the ski experience of a lifetime.

    Get There and Get Around

    Aspen is surrounded by mountains on all sides except one so there are two ways to get into Aspen, either fly into the airport located 10 minutes outside of town or drive into Aspen. Once in Aspen you can take either the shuttle services around to each mountain or there are ride-share options located in the town as well.

    What to Wear (The Weather):

    During the summer, the weather is typically nice and warm in the 70's and 80's so lighter wear is recommended but maybe bring some long sleeves just in case. During the fall and winter, the temperature drops down between the 40's and 10's so bring a jacket and stay warm. The springtime brings warmer weather remaining typically in the 30's and 40's which makes for lovely spring skiing just in time for Spring Break. This is a ski resort so be prepared for snowfall and bring proper attire for snow any time of year.


    Users who are looking for apartment rentals in Aspen have a lot of alternatives, as they are the most frequent property type in this destination. Interestingly, this type of accommodation, in particular, is $644 per night, with an average area of 1,090 ft². Furthermore, apartment rentals are excellent for medium-sized groups and families, as most can welcome 5 vacationers. If you would prefer to book another accommodation type, you may want to consider hotel rooms, which are the second most typical accommodation type in Aspen. These accommodations cost $479 a night on average and have an average size of 430 ft².

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