Vail, Colorado Vacation Rentals



    Why People Visit:

    Vail is located 2.5 hours west of Denver and is the perfect getaway for you and your friends and family to spend time in the mountains of Colorado. This small town has everything within walking distance to the point that there are portions of the town that are not car-accessible. Spend your time in the village shopping in the local gift shops, find a cozy restaurant to enjoy some hot cocoa, or come at night and experience Vail's exciting nightlife.

    Visiting in the wintertime? Well then pack a jacket and head up the largest ski resort mountain in Colorado. This massive mountain has over 5,000 acres of ski-able terrain with plenty of slopes for the whole family to enjoy. As for the difficulty of the mountain it primarily has more difficult runs, however there are still some easier runs for any beginners out there. The variety of difficulty is as followed: 18% beginner terrain, 29% intermediate terrain, 53% advanced/expert terrain all of this combined forms the 195 total number of runs on the mountain.

    Visiting in the summertime? There is still plenty to do! There are festivals throughout the summer that can be fun for all. Vail also offers mountain biking, hiking, fishing, and river rafting! For children, Vail has an Adventure Games Day Camp taking them rock climbing, zip-lining, and so much more while you can spend your alone time in Vail's peaceful village. So come join the excitement and rent a house today in the Vail area.

    Getting There and Getting Around:

    There are two airports located near Vail: Denver International Airport (100 miles) and Eagle County Regional Airport (30 miles). Denver's airport has a shuttle service that will take you directly to your rental unit or you could also take the taxi service or rideshare.

    Once in town, you do not have to worry about traveling long distances because everything is close! The village is not car-accessible so you can walk around or ride a bike throughout the village looking through the different shops. So rent a rental near the village and enjoy the freedom away from always driving from place to place!

    What to Wear (The Weather)

    The weather in Vail is usually cold throughout the year. The highs in the summer will be about 80°F and in the winter the temperature will drop to approximately 0°F. So pack some long sleeves for the summertime and have some fun out in the sun, if you travel in the wintertime pack some heavy clothes and be prepared for some amazing skiing!


    If you are looking to travel to Vail, the primary rental unit of choice would be an apartment. The average apartment size is approximately 1,200 square feet and the average price is about $645 per night. This is perfect for anyone seeking a place for 7 people. If you would prefer a house rental, there are rentals in the area as well! The average size for a rental is approximately 2,300 square feet with an average price of $650 per night.

    Things to Do:

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