Panama City Beach, Florida Vacation Rentals

    Why People Visit:

    After putting countless hours into your job, working hard, and working overtime, it is about time to take a week off and head to the beach. Look no further than Panama City Beach, Florida one of the many white sand beaches on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. What makes Panama City Beach so unique are the variety of small outdoor shopping malls located throughout the town stretching all the way across legendary 30a to Seaside, Florida. The other major attraction to Panama City Beach is the white sand beach. Approximately 17 million tourists visit Panama City Beach annually because of its beautiful blue water, warm and sunny weather, and fascinating artistic scene located across the towns. So kick back in a beach chair, cold beer in your hand, shades on and not a care in the world as you relax in your vacation rental with your friends and family in renowned Panama City Beach.

    Get There and Get Around:

    Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport is the closest airport to Panama City Beach, approximately an hour northwest of Panama City Beach. Once arrived there are a variety of transportation systems such as rideshares, taxis, rented cars, and some locations offer rent-able bikes or scooters. However, Panama City Beach is commonly a place people prefer to walk around, so park your car and go walk around the outdoor malls of PCB.

    What to Wear (The Weather):

    Panama City Beach generally has warm weather year round so short sleeve attire is recommended. It is also common seeing people in the outdoor malls wearing bathing suits preparing to spend the day on the beautiful beaches under the Florida sun. However, living on the coast does also call for some change in weather within minutes, so be prepared for rain to come through at some point. But most importantly bring a bathing suit and sit out on your beach-side vacation rental and enjoy the sun.


    With approximately 10,000 rentals in the Panama City Beach area, about 3,000 of them are apartment rentals. The average price of an apartment rental is $300 per night and the average size of apartments are 1,000 ft². These size accommodations can hold up to approximately 7 people, which is ideal for large groups. Those seeking a house rental can also find those at on average $350 per night and an average size of 1,600 ft². So come find you and your family a beachside rental and spend a week on a beautiful white sand beach.

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